(By Patrina Nuske Small)

The Dwarf Tomato Project

This is a story about an idea that grew into a fun project. One day I was casually reading posts in a Tomato Forum on Gardenweb and noted that Craig LeHoullier lamented the fact that the dwarf category in tomatoes was very restricted. He suggested it would be good to cross dwarfs with heirlooms to remedy this situation! He mentioned New Big Dwarf being listed in a 1915 Isbell Seed Catalogue which noted how the variety was developed by crossing Dwarf Champion (known since the late 1800s) with the largest known tomato at that time, Ponderosa. I thought this sounded like a fun thing to do and decided to have a go at crossing some dwarfs with heirlooms in my next summer season down in Australia.

By the end of 2005 I had successfully made 8 crosses and Craig and I decided to use this material to start a project where anyone who wanted to help grow the many generations could volunteer to take part for as few or as many seasons as they wished. Craig would head up a team in the Northern Hemisphere and I would do likewise in the Southern Hemisphere. We wanted to give volunteers the opportunity to name any new novel dwarf tomato type they discovered in appreciation for helping in the project.

So from this point, the project was on its way. We had just joined a new tomato forum – Tomatoville – and were given a dedicated section there for the project by the site owner who has provided a home for the project now for over a decade! Forum members signed up each season to help grow the many generations of each ‘family’ which is how we identified each cross using names taken from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and inventing new names as needed. This was a much simpler way to identify individual plants (eg Sneezy F2 rather than Golden Dwarf Champion X Green Giant F2) which can become rather complex, especially when an early generation is used for further crosses and additional parents need to be recorded.

Each year further crosses introduced new ‘families’ to the project with ever more inventive family names. And the number of volunteers needed to grow out the many generations increased until we totaled over 300 people volunteering in a 10 year period! Volunteers who personally named newly discovered varieties have their names in the OSSI listings for individual varieties bred by the project. A complete list of project volunteers is included here on the OSSI website.

The first completed dwarf varieties (fully stabilised) were released to seed companies in 2010 and newly completed varieties have been released year by year since then, reaching 68 at the time of writing (2017). In 2015 we came across the OSSI website and the rest, as they say, is history! So here we are, and the Dwarf Project continues with many more fun crosses being added by Craig since then.

Craig and I are delighted that all volunteers and other people who have made crosses for the project have supported our desire to have all varieties bred by the Dwarf Tomato Project designated as OSSI varieties and are proud to have them listed here. Stay tuned – there will be more to come!

Patrina Nuske Small lives in Bemboka NSW, Australia.

Co-Directors: Craig Lehoullier, Patrina Nuske Small

Members of the Dwarf Tomato Project:

Jon SchmuckAlabama, USA
Darrel JonesAlabama, USA
Carole WellsAlabama, USA
Susan BaileyAlaska, USA
Sherry ShieslAlaska, USA
Bev EganAlaska, USA
Sherry LongAlaska, USA
Jeff CaseyAlberta, Canada
Eric EllisonArizona, USA
Jim HoganArizona, USA
Brandie DeBuskArizona, USA
Melissa BraudawayArizona, USA
Patrina Nuske SmallAustralia
David LockwoodAustralia
Ray SouthAustralia
Richard AllenAustralia
Tessa MillesseAustralia
Adam SmallAustralia
George SmallAustralia
Joyce SmallAustralia
Carl MattheiAustralia
Doug McSeeAustralia
Andrew MasonAustralia
Rosemary KieslingerAustralia
Anna-Lena PirothAustralia
Keith RiskAustralia
Russell PietschAustralia
Joan GuthrieAustralia
Elaine BatemanAustralia
Margaret WoolleyAustralia
Annette ScanlanAustralia
David HarveyAustralia
Jenny AndersonAustralia
Tracey HartAustralia
Amrao SinghAustralia
Bob SchimmigAustralia
Craig McTaggartAustralia
Lyne RancourtAustralia
John SmarzAustralia
Don FentonAustralia
Adam SynnottAustralia
Greg kirbyAustralia
Helen CrawfordAustralia
Bill HankinAustralia
Roger HumphreysAustralia
Lawrence AndrisAustralia
Don FirthAustralia
Anneke van TholenAustralia
Robyn FookesAustralia
Mog BremmerAustralia
Deanne HammerAustralia
Jacinta BattistaAustralia
Lou LarrieuAustralia
Quentin NuskeAustralia
Margaret RobertsonAustralia
Margaret CroninAustralia
Lieven DavidBelgium
A. CarmichaelBermuda
Tatiana KouchnarevaBritish Columbia, Canada
Denise SalmonBritish Columbia, Canada
Nuria SanchezBritish Columbia, Canada
Diane WhiteheadBritish Columbia, Canada
Willa OsisBritish Columbia, Canada
Nick BolkowyBritish Columbia, Canada
Jeannine ChalmersBritish Columbia, Canada
Jamie HollingBritish Columbia, Canada
Limei TianBritish Columbia, Canada
Denise BathBritish Columbia, Canada
Steve McClarenCalifornia, USA
Phylis ChenCalifornia, USA
Laurie SutherlandCalifornia, USA
Linda BlackCalifornia, USA
Doug FrankCalifornia, USA
Garrett ConradCalifornia, USA
Ray NewsteadCalifornia, USA
Hung NguyenCalifornia, USA
Melissa LevesqueCalifornia, USA
Tanya KucakCalifornia, USA
Damon HuckCalifornia, USA
Ginny BishtonCalifornia, USA
Vince LavalloCalifornia, USA
Dustin StoberCalifornia, USA
Evelyn BishopCalifornia, USA
Andrew DeWaldCalifornia, USA
GerminatorCalifornia, USA
Barbara AndersonCalifornia, USA
Marla McClarenCalifornia, USA
Matthew WinterCalifornia, USA
Paul BuddenhagenCalifornia, USA
Charlotte BurkCalifornia, USA
Sue RagenCalifornia, USA
Jamie FordCalifornia, USA
Carol BayerCalifornia, USA
Logan GarlandCalifornia, USA
Nancy ChinCalifornia, USA
Rob HerleCalifornia, USA
Bruce BradshawCalifornia, USA
Deb CookColorado, USA
Vincent JaconskiColorado, USA
Roberta MellConnecticut, USA
Heather CookConnecticut, USA
Jen HillConnecticut, USA
John BeidlerConnecticut, USA
Chris BohinskiDelaware, USA
Scott LinnemannDenmark
Frederick DennyEngland
Linda SappFlorida, USA
Barbara KambourelisFlorida, USA
Kay RobbinsFlorida, USA
Marsha EisenbergFlorida, USA
Elise VaughnFlorida, USA
Jessica DubinFlorida, USA
Janet MatherlyFlorida, USA
Tony KayFlorida, USA
Paula RaskFlorida, USA
Marjorie HollowayFlorida, USA
Cheryl WelchFlorida, USA
John MullinsFlorida, USA
Carlos PortuFlorida, USA
Delettre FranckFrance
Dawn DentonGeorgia, USA
Scott JacobsGeorgia, USA
Bill YoderGeorgia, USA
Rena AbernathyGeorgia, USA
Ray GrimmerGeorgia, USA
Mark GladneyGeorgia, USA
Simone PennigGermany
Reinhard KraftGermany
Fynn WeinholzGermany
GrovespiritHawaii, USA
Daniel KellyHawaii, USA
Ann TanakaHawaii, USA
Dawn HolmesIdaho, USA
Susan OliversonIdaho, USA
Linda StormesIdaho, USA
Paul PulleyIdaho, USA
Bill BurkeIllinois, USA
Corey ThompsonIllinois, USA
John SwensonIllinois, USA
Melisa NaimanIllinois, USA
Neil LockhartIllinois, USA
Mo CahillIllinois, USA
Sandra TiptonIndiana, USA
Rick HawksworthIndiana, USA
Glen DrownsIowa, USA
Robin RosemanIowa, USA
Grant OlsenIowa, USA
Amanda FischerIowa, USA
Angie AllenIowa, USA
Lori CoxKansas USA
Tod BevittKansas USA
Bob FitzpatrickKentucky, USA
Bob FranklinLouisiana, USA
Bob FranklinLouisiana, USA
Betty WestbrookLouisiana, USA
Robert WaddellLouisiana, USA
Kathy WolfeMaryland, USA
Judi BaileyMaryland, USA
Regina KregerMaryland, USA
Wendy MontanezMassachusetts, USA
Gina McDermottMassachusetts, USA
Carole ShannonMassachusetts, USA
Craig SheaMassachusetts, USA
Roberto Caro del CastilloMexico
Nancy RuhlMichigan, USA
Ken JacobsMichigan, USA
Jeff FlemingMichigan, USA
Ed FizzellMichigan, USA
Duane SchillerMichigan, USA
Bob FrommMichigan, USA
Patrick SullivanMinnesota, USA
Dee SackettMinnesota, USA
Craig WeberMinnesota, USA
Douglas McLellanMinnesota, USA
Gary ThomasMinnesota, USA
Charlie BowlerMinnesota, USA
Ricky DawsonMississippi, USA
Richard ParkerMississippi, USA
Robbins HailMissouri, USA
Ruth TenBrinkMissouri, USA
Danny Lee TurnerMissouri, USA
Stuart PollackMissouri, USA
Donald HudgensMissouri, USA
Jeanne KrenningMontana, USA
Lisa GeorgianNebraska, USA
Paul FishNebraska, USA
Robin BortNevada, USA
Kathy HughesNevada, USA
Joan AnglinNevada, USA
Nicole DianaNew Hampshire, USA
Ryan McCarthyNew Hampshire, USA
Donna Marie KudrakNew Jersey, USA
Antoniette KoshykarNew Jersey, USA
Jim KrajewskiNew Jersey, USA
Tom MicholasNew Jersey, USA
Larry SimsNew Mexico, USA
Mike MauerNew Mexico, USA
Remy OrlowskiNew York, USA
Melissa FinkNew York, USA
Doug SmithNew York, USA
Neil SchuldinerNew York, USA
Robbin GoodmanNew York, USA
Jeremy PardoNew York, USA
Gary WoodsNew York, USA
Carolyn MaleNew York, USA
Martin FisherNew York, USA
Barbara MorgenrothNew York, USA
William RositzkeNew York, USA
Nancy KirchNew York, USA
Ross HewittNew Zealand
Richard WatsonNew Zealand
Craig LeHoullierNorth Carolina, USA
Linda PughNorth Carolina, USA
Paige PrinceNorth Carolina, USA
Gregory FeeNorth Carolina, USA
Lee NewmanNorth Carolina, USA
Chris KaferNorth Carolina, USA
Jerry DickersonNorth Carolina, USA
Chris GeddingsNorth Carolina, USA
Steve WilliamsNorth Carolina, USA
Amanda DavisNorth Carolina, USA
Morgan MarksNorth Carolina, USA
Tim WarrenNorth Carolina, USA
Tim McElroyNorth Carolina, USA
Jenna D’AmoreNorth Carolina, USA
Reitzel DeatonNorth Carolina, USA
Ralph WhisnantNorth Carolina, USA
Brie ArthurNorth Carolina, USA
Bobby WhickerNorth Dakota, USA
Niki JabbourNova Scotia, Canada
Adam GlecklerOhio, USA
Jeffrey BayesOhio, USA
Carolyn KeiperOhio, USA
Susan DzejachokOhio, USA
Lisa MooreOhio, USA
Lurley HernandezOhio, USA
Jason FordOhio, USA
Susan BarberOhio, USA
Heather GarverOhio, USA
Amber FranceOhio, USA
Brian PoplinOhio, USA
James HallmanOhio, USA
Patty BrownOhio, USA
Scott StoughOklahoma, USA
Megan BealmerOklahoma, USA
Susan JohnstonOklahoma, USA
Kevin TaylorOklahoma, USA
Neil GillardOntario, Canada
Julianna GriffinOntario, Canada
Nicky NorthOntario, Canada
Dara ElOntario, Canada
K. BurnsideOntario, Canada
Kim PembletonOntario, Canada
Jennifer HutsonOntario, Canada
Mike DuntonOregon, USA
Paola GelmettiOregon, USA
Ann RollinsOregon, USA
Karl JohnsonPennsylvania USA
Beth CarlockPennsylvania USA
Charles BundersPennsylvania USA
Lee GagePennsylvania USA
Edward GiebelPennsylvania USA
Stephanie GernertPennsylvania USA
Peter KnightPrince Edward Island, Canada
Peter GallantPrince Edwards Island, Canada
Lyne RancourtQuebec, Canada
Amy ShoresRhode Island, USA
Dave VersteegSouth Africa
Andrew LascellesSouth Africa
Larry YonceSouth Carolina, USA
Tom DalvaSouth Carolina, USA
Jim MarkwoodSouth Carolina, USA
Billy ComptonSouth Carolina, USA
Maggie ChalmersSouth Carolina, USA
Linda ReidTasmania
Ted MaidenTennessee, USA
Dan JonesTennessee, USA
Jordan BeasleyTennessee, USA
Tommie WadeTennessee, USA
Kassandra CourtneyTennessee, USA
Rickey BryantTennessee, USA
Carrie KingTexas, USA
Michael VolkTexas, USA
Susan AndersonTexas, USA
Wendy XuTexas, USA
Jeff WalkerTexas, USA
Connie DocklerTexas, USA
Dana IveyTexas, USA
Christy SheddTexas, USA
Worthy LaFolletteTexas, USA
Laurel LamptonTexas, USA
Jay ScottTexas, USA
Tony SchievelbeinTexas, USA
Dan FollettUtah, USA
Shawn ConantVermont, USA
Carol PronovostVermont, USA
Ira WallaceVirginia, USA
Ken BezillaVirginia, USA
Walt MeadeVirginia, USA
Rebecca GustafsonVirginia, USA
Lindsey RatterreeVirginia, USA
Joyce BeggsVirginia, USA
Martha HuffordVirginia, USA
Stephanie McVeighVirginia, USA
Justin MorseVirginia, USA
Robin DrakeVirginia, USA
Jennifer BrandtWashington, USA
Marcia DillonWashington, USA
Taryn GustafsonWashington, USA
Paul AnguianoWashington, USA
Angora GorillaWashington, USA
Debi FranklinWashington, USA
Keith MathewsWashington, USA
Bill MinkeyWisconsin, USA
Desire SommersWisconsin, USA
Crissy BradyWisconsin, USA
Chris ColeWisconsin, USA
Justin SieglaffWisconsin, USA
Carol KnappWisconsin, USA
Joel GiarardinWisconsin, USA
Mike HansonWisconsin, USA
Dan HardyWisconsin, USA
Hudson EnglandWyoming, USA
Richard WatsonNew Zealand

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