OSSI in the News – Popular Press and Trade Press Articles about or featuring OSSI

Jack Kloppenburg: Comments to the USDA, May 13th, 2022

Restoring Our Seed Commons: The Need for Clarity about Intellectual Property Rights. CR LAWN. January 2019. Acres/USA

 Thirty-three Great Open Source Organic-Adapted Vegetable Varieties: For the Best Results in Organic Systems, Grow Varieties Bred for Organic Systems. Carol Deppe. January 2017. Acres USA

Join the Open Source Seed Movement. Carol Deppe. January 2016. Acres USA.

What is an OSSI-Pledged Variety? Claire Luby. March 2017. Free the Seed Magazine

For Seed Rebels, Saving Life’s Building Blocks Has New Urgency. Twilight Greenaway. April 2017. Civil Eats

At Last the Seed: Can the Open Source Seed Initiative Be a Game-Changer? CR Lawn. Spring 2016. Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Open Source Seed Initiative—Protecting Our Food Commons. Featuring Carol Deppe. 2017. Peak Moments Television.

Let’s Take Back Our Garden Seeds. Margaret Roach. Mother Earth News.

Linux for Lettuce. Lisa Hamilton. Virginia Quarterly Review.

Academic Articles

Books of Interest

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Carol Deppe. The Resilient Gardener.  Chelsea Green Publishing. White River Junction, VT. 2010.

Carol Deppe. Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties.   Chelsea Green Publishing. White River Junction, VT. 1993.

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Essays on Open Source Seeds

The Open Source Seed Initiative Reseeds: An ethical commons grows in gifts and bounds. Frank Morton. Wild Garden Seeds Catalogue, 2016

What’s up with so-called public plant breeding. Andrew Still. Adaptive Seeds catalog, 2018