Become an OSSI Seed Company Partner

Are you a Seed Company who sells OSSI Pledged Varieties? Here’s how you can become a partner

Seed Companies


You can become an OSSI Seed Company Partner if you agree to sell OSSI-Pledged seed to others in accordance with the Pledge. As a Seed Company Partner, you or your business will be listed on OSSI’s web site as a source of OSSI freed seed and you will have the right to use the trademarked OSSI name and logo in marketing that seed. To qualify as an OSSI Seed Company Partner, you will need to complete the Open Source Seed Initiative Seed Company Partnership Agreement, and you must be offering for sale at least one OSSI-Pledged variety. In order to initiate the application process, please contact us.


How to OSSI Pledge a Variety

Are you a plant breeder who has bred a variety you would like to Pledge? Learn how you can release it through the OSSI Pledge

OSSI Plant Breeders


Have you bred a variety that you would like to Pledge? Pledging a variety is a two step process.

  1. First, the breeder fills out, signs, and sends to OSSI the Variety Designation document that involves the Pledging itself. (“I _________________, as the breeder or co-breeder of the variety, populations, or plant materials listed below, hereby designate…”). Find our Variety Designation Agreement here: Open Source Seed Initiative Variety Designation agreement. You can also contact us with questions.
  2. Second, the breeder provides the OSSI Variety Review Committee with information about the variety and how it was bred. One way to do this is to email one of the members of the Variety Review Committee listed below and tell us about the variety or materials you want to Pledge. (All Variety Review Committee members are OSSI Board members as well as fellow plant breeders.) If you prefer, you can instead provide this information by filling out the breeding information form (‘Contribute a Variety‘). The Variety Review Committee then evaluates the variety and determines whether it is appropriate to be accepted as an OSSI-Pledged variety. Feel free to contact a member of the Variety Review Committee if you have any questions.

Variety Review Committee contact info:

  • Carol Deppe carol.deppe at

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