Why sell OSSI pledged seed?

By becoming an OSSI Seed Company & Nursery Partner, you are helping to support a diversified and decentralized seed industry by sharing and proliferating seed that is free from any licensing or patent constraints, as well as educating your customers on the importance of a freed seed system.

Step #1. Take the Pledge

Become an OSSI Seed Company & Nursery Partner if you agree to sell OSSI-Pledged seed in accordance with the Pledge. As a Seed Company & Nursery Partner, you or your business will be listed on OSSI’s web site as a source of OSSI freed seed and you will have the right to use the trademarked OSSI name and logo in marketing that seed.

To qualify as an OSSI Seed Company & Nursery Partner, you will need to complete and mail in the Open Source Seed Initiative Partnership Agreement, and you must be offering for sale at least one OSSI-Pledged variety.

In order to initiate the application process, please contact us.

 Step #2. Designate OSSI varieties with a label

We would like all of our partners to be labelling OSSI-Pledged varieties as thoroughly as possible. We ask that you:

1. Include the OSSI Pledge in print and on-line catalogs.

2. Include an explanation of the OSSI purpose and mission in print and on-line catalogs.

3. Label OSSI-Pledged varieties in print and on-line catalogs with the name “Open Source Seed Initiative” and/or “OSSI” and/or “OSSI-Pledged” and/or the OSSI logo.

4. Include the Pledge with any sale or distribution of seed or germplasm of OSSI-Pledged varieties that is to be used for further reproduction as breeding material or multiplication for commercial sale.

5. In variety descriptions in its print and on-line catalogs, acknowledge by name the breeder(s) of all OSSI-Pledged varieties listed (e.g., “Bred by “name of breeder(s)”).

Examples of seed packets:

Examples in seed catalogs: