Candystick Dessert Delicata

Crop: Squash (Cucurbita pepo)

Use/Type: Winter Squash

Breeder: Carol Deppe Fertile Valley Seeds

OSSI Pledge Date: January 2015

Release Date: Before 2015

Bred for Organic Systems: Yes

Commercial Availability: Yes

Variety Type: Finished Variety


90 days. Bred for organic systems. Vigorous productive delicata with intensely sweet flesh and a rich complex flavor reminiscent of Medjool dates. Flesh as thick or thicker and fruits as big or bigger than all other delicata lines. Absolutely no bitter contamination as is a problem in many delicata lines. Fruits up to 3 lbs. Tan and green striped fruits range from loaf to longer shapes, often on the same plant. I think this is the most vigorous and most productive delicata in existence as well as having the best flavor. Allow 2-3 weeks after harvest for curing indoors before eating. Keeps indoors through December. Bred by Carol Deppe and Nate France. (Note: This squash is so dry and has such a high sugar content that I recommend baking in a covered roasting pan to avoid its drying out or scorching. Put the cut deseeded but not scraped or cleaned halves upside down on the roasting-pan rack and cover the pan with the lid with the vents open. (With all squash, it’s easiest to scrape away interior debris after the squash is cooked, and that debris helps keep the squash from drying out while cooking. Start oven at 400° F while the squash are coming up to temperature, then switch to 325° F to finish the squash without scorching.) I recommend eating Candystick without any additions at all, not even butter or salt. I eat them at the end of the meal, as the dessert.

Availability from OSSI Seed Company Partners