Roberta Bailey

Organization: Fedco Seeds

Location: Vassalboro, Maine USA


Roberta Bailey farms with her husband, Rob Lemire, on Seven Tree Farm in central Maine. They live a spicy life as garlic and hot peppers are their passions. Roberta divides her time between fiber arts, writing, seed production, and working for Fedco Seeds. Plant breeding comes out of her need to be surrounded by strong plants and good food. On 6 plots spread out over 18 acres, she selects and adapts varieties to her northern climate. Matchbox was her first breeding project. She is currently working on two other hot peppers. She produces seed crops of cucumbers, rice, tomatillos, poppies, arnica chamissonis, morning glories, kale, beets tomatoes, and hot peppers.


OSSI Pledged Varieties by Roberta Bailey