Rebecca Ivanoff

Organization: Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario

Location: Guelph, Ontario Canada


A lifelong curiosity for the plants around her and the connection between plants and culture led Rebecca to study both anthropology and botany at the undergraduate and graduate levels, but it was when she was working at Whole Circle Farm that she fell in love with seedkeeping and this fundamental part of our food system. Currently, Rebecca supports farmers to learn about regional seed production, and to implement participatory variety trials and plant breeding projects through her role as Seed Program Manager at the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, and as part of the SeedWorks Plant Breeding Club, she works on breeding regionally adapted vegetables with fellow on-farm/in-garden breeders. In growing food, plant breeding, and seed saving she seeks to honour the past, present, and future.

OSSI Pledged Varieties by Rebecca Ivanoff

Renegade Red Pepper

Renegade Red