Wapsi Wonder

Crop: Melon (Cucumis melo)


Breeder: Glenn Drowns Sand Hill Preservation Center

OSSI Pledge Date: 11/29/2015

Release Date: 11/29/2015

Bred for Organic Systems: No

Commercial Availability: Yes

Variety Type: Finished Variety


“75 days – When I first moved to Iowa I struggled to raise melons as the Cucumber Beetles seemed to spread disease. I’d have loads of young fruit only to see it all perish. My collection of over 100 varieties was in trouble. While I was learning how to deal with these new conditions, I got in the habit of saving seed from the tastiest fruits that survived. The past few years I’ve stabilized the selection to this melon. It handles our sand well, can be planted as late as July 10 and still make tasty melons in September. Fruits are smallish – 2 lbs. at best, somewhat netted and orange flesh. I can not certify it to be wilt tolerant, but it sure handles it well here. Introduced by Sand Hill Preservation Center in 2011.”

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