Sweet Dakota Rose

Crop: Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)

Use/Type: Standard

Breeder: David Podoll Prairie Road Organic Seed

OSSI Pledge Date: 1/20/2016

Release Date: 1/20/2016

Bred for Organic Systems: Yes

Commercial Availability: Yes

Variety Type: Finished Variety


“(80-90 days) Over 30 years ago David Podoll crossed a small early maturing variety (Early Canada) with a large, southern shipping variety (Black Diamond) to create this medium-sized 15-20 lb delight. After decades of selection, it is well adaptable to cool, short seasons and fluctuating weather conditions. It has been called one of the sweetest, open-pollinated watermelons and has few, small seeds. With a thin but firm skin, it handles and stores well. Growing Notes Soil Temp. for Germ.: 70-95 degrees F; Planting Depth: 1/4-1/2 inch; Plant Spacing: 9 inches with rows 6 feet apart. Days to Germ.: 6-10; Days to Maturity: 80-90; Full Sun.”

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