Scarlet Ohno Revival

Crop: Turnip (Brassica rapa)

Use/Type: Standard

Breeder: Frank Morton Wild Garden Seed

OSSI Pledge Date: 11/18/2015

Release Date: 11/18/2015

Bred for Organic Systems: Yes

Commercial Availability: Yes

Variety Type: Finished Variety


Sounds like an old rock band, but we’re talking turnips here, and their greens. When we were young farmers there were these hot pink, somewhat flattened pickling turnips from Japan called Scarlet Ohno. You could buy them in 1985. They had amazing glossy smooth hairless leaves. Often the pigment came up the stem or leaf blade as scarlet red. Not purple. We looked for them a few years ago, but nothing by that name was available. After growing out a dozen possible synonyms we found it, or at least some of it, with a few novel traits thrown in. After roguing, we have this Revival version to offer. Nice bright scarlet-skinned roots, round to flattened, with those beautiful smooth strap-leaf greens, some scarlet. A few brilliant purple monsters. For those who appreciate diversity within a theme.

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