Mrihani x Opal F3 pop

Crop: Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Use/Type: Standard

Breeder: Frank Morton Wild Garden Seed

OSSI Pledge Date: 1/1/2018

Release Date: 1/1/2018

Bred for Organic Systems: Yes

Commercial Availability: Yes

Variety Type: Finished Variety


When we first grew ‘Mrihani’ basil three years ago the toothy savoyed leaves reminded me of ‘Ruffles’ basil. I wondered if I might recreate ‘Purple Ruffles’ by crossing ‘Mrihani’ with Opal basil. Sure enough, the F1 cross looked like a giant version of ‘Purple Ruffles’ with an extraordinary aroma, completely unlike Ruffles. In 2017 the F2 generation segregated into purple, green, and variegated types with big toothy savoyed leaves, and the same color range with smaller, flatter, dentate leaves. These seeds are for the F3 generation which will show all of this variation and more. Growers in areas afflicted by downy mildew will likely find resistance in this population.

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