Kangaroo Paw Green

Crop: Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

Use/Type: Dwarf

Breeder: Dwarf Tomato Dwarf Tomato Project

OSSI Pledge Date: 1/27/2017

Release Date: 1/27/2017

Bred for Organic Systems: Yes

Commercial Availability: Yes

Variety Type: Finished Variety


​​Kangaroo Paw Green originated from a cross between Budai Torpe and Cherokee Green made by Patrina Nuske Small in 2005 named Witty F1. Kangaroo Paw Green is an early-season regular leaf dwarf and a sibling of Kangaroo Paw Yellow, Kangaroo Paw Brown and Kangaroo Paw Red. The plants yield abundant small round amber fruits with green flesh when ripe, and they have a sweet refreshing taste. Plants have sturdy stems, robust rugose foliage, and reach about a metre+/ 3-4 ft by end of season. This variety was selected and named by Craig LeHoullier.

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