Frye’s Golden Goose

Crop: Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Breeder: Anne Berblinger Gales Meadow Farm

OSSI Pledge Date: 12/15/2015

Release Date: 12/15/2015

Bred for Organic Systems: Yes

Commercial Availability: No

Stability: Finished Variety


“This bean was given to me by my neighbor, Torchy Oberg. Torchy called it Frye’s Bean, a name from her first husband’s family. It came with a story about a great-uncle finding the original beans in the crop of a goose he shot. The story and the beautiful golden brown color inspired the name I have given it. Frye’s Golden Goose is similar to Swedish Brown Bean, as described by Roger Yepsin in A Celebration of Heirloom Vegetable Varieties, but it is a pole bean not a bush bean. It is a pronounced cut short bean, with three – six beans per pod. The flavor is excellent, both in the shelling stage and the dry stage. The first year it was planted at Gales Meadow Farm, it displayed evidence of lots of crosses, so I cleaned it up over the course of several seasons.”

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