Dwarf Mocha’s Cherry

Crop: Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

Breeder: Dwarf Tomato Dwarf Tomato Project

OSSI Pledge Date: 1/31/2022

Release Date: 2022

Bred for Organic Systems: Yes

Commercial Availability: Yes

Stability: Finished Variety

Source: https://www.victoryseeds.com/tomato_dwarf-mochas-cherry.html


65 days – dwarf – The relatively compact, rugose regularly leaf foliage plants present a purplish cast to the leaves, indicative of varieties bred with the anthocyanin gene. Copious quantities of round purple 1 ounce cherry tomatoes result, exhibiting a nearly black shoulder color when exposed to the sun. The flavor is mild and pleasant. The Anthy family was created when Craig crossed a high anthocyanin pink cherry tomato with indeterminate growth (shared by Marcia Dillon as unstabilized material from Tom Wagner) with Dwarf Tomato Project variety Dwarf Saucy Mary. Craig made some dwarf selections with purple fruit and distinct black purple shoulders in 2017. The best selection from 2018 was named Dwarf Mocha’s Cherry. Chan Mortimer provided the best selection to date in 2019. Since then, two fruit shapes have emerged, one round (Dwarf Mocha’s Cherry), one a smaller plum shaped shape (Dwarf Mocha’s Plum). Victory released both fruit shapes.

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Dwarf Mocha’s Cherry tomato