Heike-Marie Eubanks


Location: Myrtle Point, Oregon USA


Growing up in Nazi Germany a rented garden plot in the big city was refuge and in the hunger years after WWII survival. Schooling after the war was haphazard and interrupted. There was no formal education in biology. Nevertheless the love of the natural world and gardening resurfaced after getting settled in the U.S. in the early 70’s. Backyard gardening grew into providing most of the produce of the household and soon branched into seed saving. Seed crops were shared with friends and soon with Turtle Tree Seeds, a small bio-dynamic seed company. Reading Carol Deppe’s book “Breed your own Vegetables Varieties” in 1995 started experiments with the de-hybridization of a favorite hybrid brussels sprout which no longer was available. After many years of growing, crossbreeding and selecting, and with the encouragement of Carol Deppe at the 2016 OSA Seed Conference, the new variety that was the result of this effort was pledged to OSSI.

OSSI Pledged Varieties by Heike-Marie Eubanks

Cherry Hill
Brussels Sprouts

Cherry Hill