Erica Kempter

Organization: Nature and Nurture Seeds

Location: Dexter, Michigan USA


Erica Kempter has been farming and gardening for nearly 30 years. She is also an educator, food justice advocate, seed steward and plant breeder. She is co-owner of Nature & Nurture Seeds, a farm-based seed company in Ann Arbor, Michigan that provides quality, adapted, and resilient seeds for diverse farms and gardens in the Midwest and beyond. Erica’s biggest passion is tomato breeding and she loves to witness (and taste!) the magic that unfolds though her goals are more practical – to breed OP, open source, vigorous, flavorful and disease resistant field tomatoes for the Midwest. She has also been breeding hardy lettuce and mustards that can survive Upper Midwest winters uncovered in the hoophouse.

OSSI Pledged Varieties by Erica Kempter

Super Snacks

Super Snacks