David Catzel

Organization: Glorious Organics

Location: Aldergrove, British Columbia Canada


David is a first generation farmer who has been gathering growing experience over the last few decades, studying biology at university briefly, them moving on to completing a Permaculture Design course and teacher training. Using organic and ecological principals, he has had the opportunity to experiment with seed growing/breeding, low till annual production, intercropping and companion planting while working with Glorious Organics Co-op in Aldergrove, BC. He has taught workshops in gardening, composting, permaculture, and seed saving to adults and children. David has most recently been working with BC Ecoseed Co-op, a new seed company focusing on increasing the quantity and quality of ecologically grown seeds in BC in order to supply all growers, from back yard to farms.

OSSI Pledged Varieties by David Catzel