The Dwarf Tomato Project

The Dwarf Tomato Project

This is a story about an idea that grew into a fun project. One day I was casually reading posts in a Tomato Forum on Gardenweb and noted that Craig LeHoullier lamented the fact that the dwarf category in tomatoes was very restricted. He suggested it would be good to cross dwarfs with heirlooms to remedy this situation! He mentioned New Big Dwarf being listed in a 1915 Isbell Seed Catalogue which noted how the variety was developed by crossing Dwarf Champion (known since the late 1800s) with the largest known tomato at that time, Ponderosa. I thought this sounded like a fun thing to do and decided to have a go at crossing some dwarfs with heirlooms in my next summer season down in Australia.

By the end of 2005 I had successfully made 8 crosses and Craig and I decided to use this material to start a project where anyone who wanted to help grow the many generations could volunteer to take part for as few or as many seasons as they wished. Craig would head up a team in the Northern Hemisphere and I would do likewise in the Southern Hemisphere. We wanted to give volunteers the opportunity to name any new novel dwarf tomato type they discovered in appreciation for helping in the project.

So from this point, the project was on its way. We had just joined a new tomato forum – Tomatoville – and were given a dedicated section there for the project by the site owner who has provided a home for the project now for over a decade! Forum members signed up each season to help grow the many generations of each ‘family’ which is how we identified each cross using names taken from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and inventing new names as needed. This was a much simpler way to identify individual plants (eg Sneezy F2 rather than Golden Dwarf Champion X Green Giant F2) which can become rather complex, especially when an early generation is used for further crosses and additional parents need to be recorded.

Each year further crosses introduced new ‘families’ to the project with ever more inventive family names. And the number of volunteers needed to grow out the many generations increased until we totaled over 300 people volunteering in a 10 year period! Volunteers who personally named newly discovered varieties have their names in the OSSI listings for individual varieties bred by the project. A complete list of project volunteers is included here on the OSSI website.

The first completed dwarf varieties (fully stabilised) were released to seed companies in 2010 and newly completed varieties have been released year by year since then, reaching 68 at the time of writing (2017). In 2015 we came across the OSSI website and the rest, as they say, is history! So here we are, and the Dwarf Project continues with many more fun crosses being added by Craig since then.

Craig and I are delighted that all volunteers and other people who have made crosses for the project have supported our desire to have all varieties bred by the Dwarf Tomato Project designated as OSSI varieties and are proud to have them listed here. Stay tuned – there will be more to come!

Patrina Nuske Small lives in Bemboka NSW, Australia.

Co-Directors: Craig Lehoullier, Patrina Nuske Small

Members of the Dwarf Tomato Project:

Jon Schmuck Alabama, USA
Darrel Jones Alabama, USA
Carole Wells Alabama, USA
Susan Bailey Alaska, USA
Sherry Shiesl Alaska, USA
Bev Egan Alaska, USA
Sherry Long Alaska, USA
Jeff Casey Alberta, Canada
Eric Ellison Arizona, USA
Jim Hogan Arizona, USA
Brandie DeBusk Arizona, USA
Melissa Braudaway Arizona, USA
Patrina Nuske Small Australia
David Lockwood Australia
Ray South Australia
Richard Allen Australia
Tessa Millesse Australia
Adam Small Australia
George Small Australia
Joyce Small Australia
Carl Matthei Australia
Doug McSee Australia
Andrew Mason Australia
Rosemary Kieslinger Australia
Anna-Lena Piroth Australia
Keith Risk Australia
Russell Pietsch Australia
Joan Guthrie Australia
Elaine Bateman Australia
Margaret Woolley Australia
Annette Scanlan Australia
David Harvey Australia
Jenny Anderson Australia
Tracey Hart Australia
Amrao Singh Australia
Bob Schimmig Australia
Craig McTaggart Australia
Lyne Rancourt Australia
John Smarz Australia
Don Fenton Australia
Adam Synnott Australia
Greg kirby Australia
Helen Crawford Australia
Bill Hankin Australia
Roger Humphreys Australia
Lawrence Andris Australia
Don Firth Australia
Anneke van Tholen Australia
Robyn Fookes Australia
Mog Bremmer Australia
Deanne Hammer Australia
Jacinta Battista Australia
Lou Larrieu Australia
Quentin Nuske Australia
Margaret Robertson Australia
Margaret Cronin Australia
Lieven David Belgium
A. Carmichael Bermuda
Tatiana Kouchnareva British Columbia, Canada
Denise Salmon British Columbia, Canada
Nuria Sanchez British Columbia, Canada
Diane Whitehead British Columbia, Canada
Willa Osis British Columbia, Canada
Nick Bolkowy British Columbia, Canada
Jeannine Chalmers British Columbia, Canada
Jamie Holling British Columbia, Canada
Limei Tian British Columbia, Canada
Denise Bath British Columbia, Canada
Steve McClaren California, USA
Phylis Chen California, USA
Laurie Sutherland California, USA
Linda Black California, USA
Doug Frank California, USA
Garrett Conrad California, USA
Ray Newstead California, USA
Hung Nguyen California, USA
Melissa Levesque California, USA
Tanya Kucak California, USA
Damon Huck California, USA
Ginny Bishton California, USA
Vince Lavallo California, USA
Dustin Stober California, USA
Evelyn Bishop California, USA
Andrew DeWald California, USA
Germinator California, USA
Barbara Anderson California, USA
Marla McClaren California, USA
Matthew Winter California, USA
Paul Buddenhagen California, USA
Charlotte Burk California, USA
Sue Ragen California, USA
Jamie Ford California, USA
Carol Bayer California, USA
Logan Garland California, USA
Nancy Chin California, USA
Rob Herle California, USA
Bruce Bradshaw California, USA
Deb Cook Colorado, USA
Vincent Jaconski Colorado, USA
Roberta Mell Connecticut, USA
Heather Cook Connecticut, USA
Jen Hill Connecticut, USA
John Beidler Connecticut, USA
Chris Bohinski Delaware, USA
Scott Linnemann Denmark
Frederick Denny England
Linda Sapp Florida, USA
Barbara Kambourelis Florida, USA
Kay Robbins Florida, USA
Marsha Eisenberg Florida, USA
Elise Vaughn Florida, USA
Jessica Dubin Florida, USA
Janet Matherly Florida, USA
Tony Kay Florida, USA
Paula Rask Florida, USA
Marjorie Holloway Florida, USA
Cheryl Welch Florida, USA
John Mullins Florida, USA
Carlos Portu Florida, USA
Delettre Franck France
Dawn Denton Georgia, USA
Scott Jacobs Georgia, USA
Bill Yoder Georgia, USA
Rena Abernathy Georgia, USA
Ray Grimmer Georgia, USA
Mark Gladney Georgia, USA
Simone Pennig Germany
Reinhard Kraft Germany
Fynn Weinholz Germany
Grovespirit Hawaii, USA
Daniel Kelly Hawaii, USA
Ann Tanaka Hawaii, USA
Dawn Holmes Idaho, USA
Susan Oliverson Idaho, USA
Linda Stormes Idaho, USA
Paul Pulley Idaho, USA
Bill Burke Illinois, USA
Corey Thompson Illinois, USA
John Swenson Illinois, USA
Melisa Naiman Illinois, USA
Neil Lockhart Illinois, USA
Mo Cahill Illinois, USA
Sandra Tipton Indiana, USA
Rick Hawksworth Indiana, USA
Trista Indonesia
Glen Drowns Iowa, USA
Robin Roseman Iowa, USA
Grant Olsen Iowa, USA
Amanda Fischer Iowa, USA
Angie Allen Iowa, USA
Lori Cox Kansas USA
Tod Bevitt Kansas USA
Bob Fitzpatrick Kentucky, USA
Bob Franklin Louisiana, USA
Bob Franklin Louisiana, USA
Betty Westbrook Louisiana, USA
Robert Waddell Louisiana, USA
Kathy Wolfe Maryland, USA
Judi Bailey Maryland, USA
Regina Kreger Maryland, USA
Wendy Montanez Massachusetts, USA
Gina McDermott Massachusetts, USA
Carole Shannon Massachusetts, USA
Craig Shea Massachusetts, USA
Roberto Caro del Castillo Mexico
Nancy Ruhl Michigan, USA
Ken Jacobs Michigan, USA
Jeff Fleming Michigan, USA
Ed Fizzell Michigan, USA
Duane Schiller Michigan, USA
Bob Fromm Michigan, USA
Patrick Sullivan Minnesota, USA
Dee Sackett Minnesota, USA
Craig Weber Minnesota, USA
Douglas McLellan Minnesota, USA
Gary Thomas Minnesota, USA
Charlie Bowler Minnesota, USA
Ricky Dawson Mississippi, USA
Richard Parker Mississippi, USA
Robbins Hail Missouri, USA
Ruth TenBrink Missouri, USA
Danny Lee Turner Missouri, USA
Stuart Pollack Missouri, USA
Donald Hudgens Missouri, USA
Jeanne Krenning Montana, USA
Lisa Georgian Nebraska, USA
Paul Fish Nebraska, USA
Robin Bort Nevada, USA
Kathy Hughes Nevada, USA
Joan Anglin Nevada, USA
Nicole Diana New Hampshire, USA
Ryan McCarthy New Hampshire, USA
Donna Marie Kudrak New Jersey, USA
Antoniette Koshykar New Jersey, USA
Jim Krajewski New Jersey, USA
Tom Micholas New Jersey, USA
Larry Sims New Mexico, USA
Mike Mauer New Mexico, USA
Remy Orlowski New York, USA
Melissa Fink New York, USA
Doug Smith New York, USA
Neil Schuldiner New York, USA
Robbin Goodman New York, USA
Jeremy Pardo New York, USA
Gary Woods New York, USA
Carolyn Male New York, USA
Martin Fisher New York, USA
Barbara Morgenroth New York, USA
William Rositzke New York, USA
Nancy Kirch New York, USA
Ross Hewitt New Zealand
Richard Watson New Zealand
Craig LeHoullier North Carolina, USA
Linda Pugh North Carolina, USA
Paige Prince North Carolina, USA
Gregory Fee North Carolina, USA
Lee Newman North Carolina, USA
Chris Kafer North Carolina, USA
Jerry Dickerson North Carolina, USA
Chris Geddings North Carolina, USA
Steve Williams North Carolina, USA
Amanda Davis North Carolina, USA
Morgan Marks North Carolina, USA
Tim Warren North Carolina, USA
Tim McElroy North Carolina, USA
Jenna D’Amore North Carolina, USA
Reitzel Deaton North Carolina, USA
Ralph Whisnant North Carolina, USA
Brie Arthur North Carolina, USA
Bobby Whicker North Dakota, USA
Niki Jabbour Nova Scotia, Canada
Adam Gleckler Ohio, USA
Jeffrey Bayes Ohio, USA
Carolyn Keiper Ohio, USA
Susan Dzejachok Ohio, USA
Lisa Moore Ohio, USA
Lurley Hernandez Ohio, USA
Jason Ford Ohio, USA
Susan Barber Ohio, USA
Heather Garver Ohio, USA
Amber France Ohio, USA
Brian Poplin Ohio, USA
James Hallman Ohio, USA
Patty Brown Ohio, USA
Scott Stough Oklahoma, USA
Megan Bealmer Oklahoma, USA
Susan Johnston Oklahoma, USA
Kevin Taylor Oklahoma, USA
Neil Gillard Ontario, Canada
Julianna Griffin Ontario, Canada
Nicky North Ontario, Canada
Dara El Ontario, Canada
K. Burnside Ontario, Canada
Kim Pembleton Ontario, Canada
Jennifer Hutson Ontario, Canada
Mike Dunton Oregon, USA
Paola Gelmetti Oregon, USA
Ann Rollins Oregon, USA
Karl Johnson Pennsylvania USA
Beth Carlock Pennsylvania USA
Charles Bunders Pennsylvania USA
Lee Gage Pennsylvania USA
Edward Giebel Pennsylvania USA
Stephanie Gernert Pennsylvania USA
Peter Knight Prince Edward Island, Canada
Peter Gallant Prince Edwards Island, Canada
Lyne Rancourt Quebec, Canada
Amy Shores Rhode Island, USA
Dave Versteeg South Africa
Andrew Lascelles South Africa
Larry Yonce South Carolina, USA
Tom Dalva South Carolina, USA
Jim Markwood South Carolina, USA
Billy Compton South Carolina, USA
Maggie Chalmers South Carolina, USA
Linda Reid Tasmania
Ted Maiden Tennessee, USA
Dan Jones Tennessee, USA
Jordan Beasley Tennessee, USA
Tommie Wade Tennessee, USA
Kassandra Courtney Tennessee, USA
Rickey Bryant Tennessee, USA
Carrie King Texas, USA
Michael Volk Texas, USA
Susan Anderson Texas, USA
Wendy Xu Texas, USA
Jeff Walker Texas, USA
Connie Dockler Texas, USA
Dana Ivey Texas, USA
Christy Shedd Texas, USA
Worthy LaFollette Texas, USA
Laurel Lampton Texas, USA
Jay Scott Texas, USA
Tony Schievelbein Texas, USA
Dan Follett Utah, USA
Shawn Conant Vermont, USA
Carol Pronovost Vermont, USA
Ira Wallace Virginia, USA
Ken Bezilla Virginia, USA
Walt Meade Virginia, USA
Rebecca Gustafson Virginia, USA
Lindsey Ratterree Virginia, USA
Joyce Beggs Virginia, USA
Martha Hufford Virginia, USA
Stephanie McVeigh Virginia, USA
Justin Morse Virginia, USA
Robin Drake Virginia, USA
Jennifer Brandt Washington, USA
Marcia Dillon Washington, USA
Taryn Gustafson Washington, USA
Paul Anguiano Washington, USA
Angora Gorilla Washington, USA
Debi Franklin Washington, USA
Keith Mathews Washington, USA
Bill Minkey Wisconsin, USA
Desire Sommers Wisconsin, USA
Crissy Brady Wisconsin, USA
Chris Cole Wisconsin, USA
Justin Sieglaff Wisconsin, USA
Carol Knapp Wisconsin, USA
Joel Giarardin Wisconsin, USA
Mike Hanson Wisconsin, USA
Dan Hardy Wisconsin, USA
Hudson England Wyoming, USA
Richard Watson New Zealand


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